Understand Some Tips for Successfully Developing a Franchise Business

Understand Some Tips for Successfully Developing a Franchise Business

Understand Some Tips for Successfully Developing a Franchise Business – The pandemic period makes us very unable to control all forms of sufficiency in living our days. The franchise business trend is growing in Indonesia. How not, with a franchise, business people do not need to think about concepts and ideas from the beginning. Simply run and develop an existing one. F&B (food and beverage) is still a franchise business that is busy with enthusiasts. The reason is simple, culinary is a daily necessity. Thus, the market can continue to be created.
Even so, special tips are needed before starting a franchise so that the invested capital is not wasted. So, how?

How to Develop a Franchise Business

1. Consider the uniqueness of the product
There are many franchises in the culinary field. Before deciding to collaborate with a brand, first think about something that makes the product unique.
The uniqueness of the product can make your business grow and be no less competitive. Don’t forget to consider how much consumers want to buy the product in the long run, so that the market for your business can continue to exist.

2. Selectively choose the owner of the franchise license
Do research for franchise license owners before deciding to jump into this business. Choose a company with a good reputation, because you will cooperate in the long term.
See also how the franchise develops and is accepted by the community. If the level of sales tends to increase and consumers are never bored with the product, you can consider collaborating with the franchise license.

3. Adjust the capital with the budget you have
Avoid starting a business without thinking about a budget. Try to get the funds issued from ‘cold money’, so they don’t interfere with your monthly spending budget or savings.
After calculating the capital you have, choose a franchise that fits your budget. Then, ask the franchisor what tools and operational materials are provided at the beginning. Presentation of offers with good visualization also indicates that the franchise has a professional way of working.

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4. Find a strategic location
Location is one aspect in developing a business. Not only strategic, you also need to look at the market demand in that location.
To get started, you can conduct a survey in several places that are chosen as franchise locations. After that, pay attention to the rivals around the location, make sure the opportunity to develop a franchise business in the area is big enough.
If you have noticed the four things above, you can start a franchise business. One of the franchise businesses that can be chosen is GB Express. Still under the umbrella of PT Onsu Pangan Perkasa like Geprek Bensu, GB Express is a crispy fried chicken business with a minimalist concept.…

Check out Dropshipping Business Success Tips

Check out Dropshipping Business Success Tips

Check out Dropshipping Business Success Tips – Nowadays more and more people are doing business to be able to fulfill all their daily needs. Doing business or trading online can also be done without capital. The trick is with a dropshipping business, aka selling products made by other parties or suppliers. But you need to understand first, dropshipper is not the same as reseller. What is the difference? If your reseller must have stock, then you resell it, and you also send it to the buyer.

Meanwhile, dropshippers are merchants who sell other people’s products without the need to stock and ship them themselves. So, it is the supplier who will send the product directly to the buyer.

Therefore, dropshipping is often called a business without money. You only need to promote a product at a price that also benefits you. If someone buys it, the buyer automatically pays the original price of the product and also the shipping costs. The remainder of the fees paid by the buyer then goes to your own profit.

1. Choose a reliable supplier
Before choosing a reliable supplier, make sure you already know what products to sell. After that, all you have to do is choose a trusted supplier. Ainul Luthfia Al Firda, a dropship businessman for woven fabric products, a reliable supplier is the most important key in the dropship business.

The supplier is the person who supplies the product that you are going to market. Well, the woman who is familiarly called Firda herself got a trusted supplier of woven fabric products from Facebook. According to him, there are many other channels that can also provide information regarding product suppliers, not only Facebook.

He himself chose a reliable supplier seen from the way the supplier communicates with his buyers.

“Usually look for a reliable supplier first. Well, it’s not really big. Usually I see how he responds to new customers, what kind of manners to serve consumers. Second, he uploads too. He posts often or not. If he often does it automatically he’s a supplier trusted,” said Firda to IDN Times.

You can also get suppliers from the marketplace. Currently, various marketplaces in Indonesia provide dropship features. That way, the supplier will not include the name of the store when sending products to your buyers. This prevents you from losing buyers, because buyers don’t buy directly from suppliers because they don’t know the name of the shop.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your subscribed supplier does not include the name of the store when sending products ordered from your buyers.

2. Maintain communication with suppliers
Well, maintaining communication with suppliers is also very important. Firda said, if your communication with the supplier is not good, it can threaten the smooth transaction between you and the buyer.

“I’ve had a lot of orders after I endorsed my merchandise through a celebrity. So there was a miss communication between me and the supplier. So he sent the wrong product to my buyer,” said Firda.

Therefore, it is very important that you maintain good communication with suppliers, and continue to oversee the transaction process until the supplier sends the product to your buyer.

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3. Don’t depend on one supplier
Firda suggested that dropshipping businesses should have more than one supplier. If supplier A is experiencing production problems, cannot be contacted, and so on, you still have other supplier reserves.

“For example, consumers want this item, it turns out that supplier A is empty. So they have to find supplier B,” he added.…

Tips for Doing Business Using Digital Marketing

Tips for Doing Business Using Digital Marketing

Tips for Doing Business Using Digital Marketing – When we are starting a new business, of course we will do many ways that we can do to build the business easily. It is undeniable that the pandemic has limited the scope for economic movement. Not a few business people, especially MSME business people, have to adapt and apply new ways to maintain their business.

Now, a powerful way or method to make MSME businesses survive is to apply digital marketing to accelerate a wider business. Various methods are used, ranging from promotions on social media to tips and tricks that can attract customers. Not to forget, brand awareness is also grown.

1. Collaboration with the community on social media
Collaboration with certain communities on social media can increase business acceleration. The selected community can also be adjusted to the line of business you have. The forms are also varied, such as posts and tags on social media to increase engagement.

“For SMEs, there are four pillars that can support business planning, namely curation, community, conversation and commerce. This pillar is used by Facebook Indonesia to help develop businesses owned by MSMEs,” said Head of the Industry Section for Facebook Indonesia, Aldo Rambie some time ago in the webinar ‘Business Upgrading through Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp.

2. Inspirational content production
Informative and fun content can be the tips of choice for MSME business people who want to target young people. Based on their research, 57 percent of Generation Z likes creative content.

The content can be made interesting and interactive, so it is not only liked but also attracts customers.

3. Create ad content
In addition to providing informative and fun content, you can also create marketing or advertising content organically through social media. This ad will later help the product we promote enter the main page of the appropriate user. You can post this advertising content on several platforms, one of which is the TikTok app.

“Video sharing is a platform that helps MSMEs grow, this can be realized through organic and advertising. As you know, TikTok is a digital video sharing platform. Short videos are the answer to increase trust and influence buyer behavior,” said SMB Account Manager TikTok Indonesia Demas Ryan in the webinar ‘Creating Creative Content with TikTok Indonesia’.

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4. Pay attention to the customer journey
Finally, to increase sales through social media platforms, it can also be done by determining this turnover. This consists of awareness, consideration, transaction and retention & advocacy.

This serves to let you know the turnover and journey of customers who have purchased the products offered.…

Know the Purpose of Financial Management in Business

Know the Purpose of Financial Management in Business

Know the Purpose of Financial Management in Business – Nowadays more and more people are filling their spare time by doing business. Many people can open new businesses to be able to develop and become one of the successful businesses. Of the many ways that are done to develop and advance a business, one of the most influential ways is to do good financial management.

This aims to obtain many benefits, such as obtaining capital funds and assisting in the allocation of business taxes. However, not only that, the purpose of financial management also gives rise to the following benefits.

1. Monitor the use of funds
When funds are managed properly, they can be used effectively. The businessman will know what the funds are used for, how the cash flow of his business is, and the amount of debt and receivables.

Therefore, in this case, monitoring the use of funds can produce financial information that can be used as a benchmark in which direction the business will go.

2. Knowing the profit range in the next period
In the financial statements there is a recording flow that shows expenses and income. If financial management is carried out properly, business people will know the range of profits in the next period.

This profit information in the next period can certainly be used to make an allocation and funding plan for the following month. In addition, it can predict sales targets in the next period as well as the required business budget.

3. Means of knowing how optimal the allocation of funds is
The second objective of financial management is to determine whether the allocation of funds is optimal or not. If the allocation of business funds is carried out optimally, the business will develop for the better. If not, then business performance will decrease little by little.

So, with good financial management, business people will know how to manage sales results and profits every month to be more efficient.

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4. Assist with tax payments and reporting
The next purpose of financial management is to help with tax payments and reporting. In practice, reporting and paying taxes is sometimes difficult because of the many regulations and procedures that must be followed.

Therefore, financial management here aims to strengthen tax reporting to make it easier and more orderly.

5. Help determine the price
Setting prices is sometimes difficult to do, if you don’t have good financial management. Therefore, financial management must be carried out in order to help determine prices.

All of this can be obtained from business financial information that contains capital plans, sales targets, profits to the cost of spending on production materials.…

Gold Price Stagnant for Three Days in a Row

Gold Price Stagnant for Three Days in a Row

Gold Price Stagnant for Three Days in a Row – As we currently know that gold is one of the jewelry that is commonly used to be able to appear more optimally. Today’s gold price, produced by PT Aneka Tambang or Antam, is IDR 947 thousand per gram. Antam’s gold price has remained unchanged for 3 days in a row.

Likewise, the buyback price was stagnant at the level of Rp. 845 thousand per gram for 3 consecutive days. The buyback price is the price set by Antam when you want to sell gold to the Precious Metals Boutique.

1. The price of Antam’s gold bullion in other denominations
The following is Antam’s gold price per day in other denominations:

0.5 gram gold price: IDR 523.5 thousand
Price of 1 gram of gold: IDR 947 thousand
Price of 2 grams of gold: IDR 1,834 million
Price of 3 grams of gold: IDR 2.726 million
5 gram gold price: IDR 4.510 million
10 gram gold price: IDR 8,965 million
Price of 25 grams of gold: IDR 22.287 million
50 gram gold price: IDR 44,495 million
The price of 100 grams of gold: Rp. 88.912 million.
The gold price above is the base price, aka does not include tax.
Based on the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) No. 34/PMK.10/2017, the purchase of gold bullion is subject to Income Tax (PPh) article 22 of 0.45 percent for owners who hold a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), and 0.9 percent for buyers. who do not have NPWP.

2. Gold is a safe asset to invest
Gold can be a very useful way to diversify an investment portfolio. Apart from being a precious metal that is in great demand, the value of gold also tends to be in contrast to other investment assets such as equity or property.

That means when the price of a stock or property goes down, the value of gold will most likely go up. Investors who have diversified their investments into gold can breathe a sigh of relief because not all of their assets have weakened in value.

According to MoneyWeek, gold can also be referred to as insurance for an investor’s portfolio, so each investor should at least allocate about five to 15 percent of the portfolio for gold-related investments.

3. How to calculate the gold investment profit
For gold investment profits, calculate the difference between the selling price and the purchase price in order to estimate the profit that will be obtained. For example, Antam’s gold purchase price is IDR 1.021 million per gram and the resale price is IDR 917 thousand per gram.

There is a difference of Rp. 104 thousand from the selling price and the buying price. This means that you have to wait until the price difference exceeds the purchase price in order to make a profit.

If you buy gold for IDR 1.031 million in the morning, and then in the afternoon you want to sell it, you lose IDR 104 thousand. It’s different if you buy gold today, then resell it five years later. Therefore, gold is often referred to as a long-term investment instrument.…