Tips for Doing Business Using Digital Marketing

Tips for Doing Business Using Digital Marketing

Tips for Doing Business Using Digital Marketing – When we are starting a new business, of course we will do many ways that we can do to build the business easily. It is undeniable that the pandemic has limited the scope for economic movement. Not a few business people, especially MSME business people, have to adapt and apply new ways to maintain their business.

Now, a powerful way or method to make MSME businesses survive is to apply digital marketing to accelerate a wider business. Various methods are used, ranging from promotions on social media to tips and tricks that can attract customers. Not to forget, brand awareness is also grown.

1. Collaboration with the community on social media
Collaboration with certain communities on social media can increase business acceleration. The selected community can also be adjusted to the line of business you have. The forms are also varied, such as posts and tags on social media to increase engagement.

“For SMEs, there are four pillars that can support business planning, namely curation, community, conversation and commerce. This pillar is used by Facebook Indonesia to help develop businesses owned by MSMEs,” said Head of the Industry Section for Facebook Indonesia, Aldo Rambie some time ago in the webinar ‘Business Upgrading through Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp.

2. Inspirational content production
Informative and fun content can be the tips of choice for MSME business people who want to target young people. Based on their research, 57 percent of Generation Z likes creative content.

The content can be made interesting and interactive, so it is not only liked but also attracts customers.

3. Create ad content
In addition to providing informative and fun content, you can also create marketing or advertising content organically through social media. This ad will later help the product we promote enter the main page of the appropriate user. You can post this advertising content on several platforms, one of which is the TikTok app.

“Video sharing is a platform that helps MSMEs grow, this can be realized through organic and advertising. As you know, TikTok is a digital video sharing platform. Short videos are the answer to increase trust and influence buyer behavior,” said SMB Account Manager TikTok Indonesia Demas Ryan in the webinar ‘Creating Creative Content with TikTok Indonesia’.

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4. Pay attention to the customer journey
Finally, to increase sales through social media platforms, it can also be done by determining this turnover. This consists of awareness, consideration, transaction and retention & advocacy.

This serves to let you know the turnover and journey of customers who have purchased the products offered.