Check out Dropshipping Business Success Tips

Check out Dropshipping Business Success Tips

Check out Dropshipping Business Success Tips – Nowadays more and more people are doing business to be able to fulfill all their daily needs. Doing business or trading online can also be done without capital. The trick is with a dropshipping business, aka selling products made by other parties or suppliers. But you need to understand first, dropshipper is not the same as reseller. What is the difference? If your reseller must have stock, then you resell it, and you also send it to the buyer.

Meanwhile, dropshippers are merchants who sell other people’s products without the need to stock and ship them themselves. So, it is the supplier who will send the product directly to the buyer.

Therefore, dropshipping is often called a business without money. You only need to promote a product at a price that also benefits you. If someone buys it, the buyer automatically pays the original price of the product and also the shipping costs. The remainder of the fees paid by the buyer then goes to your own profit.

1. Choose a reliable supplier
Before choosing a reliable supplier, make sure you already know what products to sell. After that, all you have to do is choose a trusted supplier. Ainul Luthfia Al Firda, a dropship businessman for woven fabric products, a reliable supplier is the most important key in the dropship business.

The supplier is the person who supplies the product that you are going to market. Well, the woman who is familiarly called Firda herself got a trusted supplier of woven fabric products from Facebook. According to him, there are many other channels that can also provide information regarding product suppliers, not only Facebook.

He himself chose a reliable supplier seen from the way the supplier communicates with his buyers.

“Usually look for a reliable supplier first. Well, it’s not really big. Usually I see how he responds to new customers, what kind of manners to serve consumers. Second, he uploads too. He posts often or not. If he often does it automatically he’s a supplier trusted,” said Firda to IDN Times.

You can also get suppliers from the marketplace. Currently, various marketplaces in Indonesia provide dropship features. That way, the supplier will not include the name of the store when sending products to your buyers. This prevents you from losing buyers, because buyers don’t buy directly from suppliers because they don’t know the name of the shop.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your subscribed supplier does not include the name of the store when sending products ordered from your buyers.

2. Maintain communication with suppliers
Well, maintaining communication with suppliers is also very important. Firda said, if your communication with the supplier is not good, it can threaten the smooth transaction between you and the buyer.

“I’ve had a lot of orders after I endorsed my merchandise through a celebrity. So there was a miss communication between me and the supplier. So he sent the wrong product to my buyer,” said Firda.

Therefore, it is very important that you maintain good communication with suppliers, and continue to oversee the transaction process until the supplier sends the product to your buyer.

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3. Don’t depend on one supplier
Firda suggested that dropshipping businesses should have more than one supplier. If supplier A is experiencing production problems, cannot be contacted, and so on, you still have other supplier reserves.

“For example, consumers want this item, it turns out that supplier A is empty. So they have to find supplier B,” he added.…